My life always revolved around music. I played some instruments as a kid and had a rock band as a teenager; I played as a DJ when I got older; studied practical sound engineering, worked as a mastering & mixing engineer, produced electronic music and had gigs all around the world. That was fun!

But I always felt myself more at home and more productive and creative backstage - connecting people and making things happen; And so I found myself managing and booking artists, releasing and distributing music, producing and promoting events, dealing and negotiating for others. I did that all along the way, for years, a man of two hats - the frontman and the manager.

It took some years for me to realize that my artist dreams are not where my path leads me, but during that long journey I learned so much about the needs of those who today are my clients & colleagues. I see them, I experienced them, I know them.

I truly believe that when one sees and understands deeply and thoroughly both sides, only good can happen, a true win-win situation can be achieved. With great people and partners surrounding me, we are able to give today the best of us in all aspects.

Booking. Productions. Management.
So the BPM goes on.

- Yanniv


Arcadia, Tokyo Japan
– Big events production & music distribution.

Luna Club, Israel
– Parties managing & development. International artists bookings.

Bionics Records
– Artist development, production & promotion.

Domestic Studios
– Studio services, art advisor.

– Solo international music project.

Limouzina Express
– DJ & music producer in the Electronic Rock band. Tour manager and an exectutive producer.
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