Shpongle live

Shpongle Live

Show has been canceled!


Dear people,

The Shpongle Live in Concert was planned for months and was meant to take place in the desert of Jordan Valley. 
Unfortunately, after the terror attack that happened 2 weeks ago in this area, the security situation has changed. Therefore, it has been decided to cancel the show.


We are sorry that this terror action by individual extreme people has made us cancel the big celebration of joy and happiness which we have been waiting for 6 months already.

If you bought tickets in cash, please contact the promoter and you will be refunded. For those who bought tickets with credit cards – We will refund you immediately and you will see it back in your account in 3-4 business days (including the 10 Shekel credit card commission).


We want to thank everyone who was involved in this production and the fans who’ve been waiting for such a long time. Your support is important to us and we will always keep trying to bring the best artists and shows to Israel.